April 10 - Lessons on TV - High School

Learning Doesn't Stop - Lessons on TV - High School

Brandie Crump, Carozo EC

Annotation Strategies for Close Reading. Focusing on "chunking the text" for the central idea.

Example - Chunking the TextLesson Plan.


Tyrone Shaw, McKinley Tech HS

World History & Geography I:

Renaissance Culture

The Protestant Reformation

The Catholic Reformation

S.P.I.C.E. Annotation Handout

WH SPICE Handout


Ashley Kearney, Ron Brown HS

Caylah Green, Anacostia HS

Deal or No Deal? Part 2. How too interpret & construct tables and functions to model exponential relationships given verbal descriptions involving home buying, car buying and loans.

Deal or No Deal - Part 2Lesson Plan.

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