COVID - 19 -- Specialized Cleaning

Specialized Cleaning


In addition to current cleaning activities routinely carried out by DCPS custodians, specialized cleaning is being performed daily.  Enhanced routines include:


·       Increased attention to cleaning all frequently touched surfaces in common areas and restrooms, including but not limited to doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, tables, sink faucets, toilets, chairs, and any other hard surfaces in common areas.

·       Disinfection of each cleaned surface, such as through the use of a disinfectant spray, after cleaning.

·       Use of CDC-recommended products.


Each school has a designated individual who oversees operations. Please contact this individual or your Building Representative if you have any concerns regarding supplies, sink functionality, or other issues that may prohibit the proper washing of hands.


For any questions about COVID-19, DCPS encourages you to visit, which includes information from DC Health. Questions may also be directed to [email protected].

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