Math Literacy for All

Partnering with the Algebra Project and the Young People’s Project, the Washington Teachers’ Union is introducing to DCPS educators pedagogies that are research-proven to build excitement for mathematics among all students, especially those who have been relegated to the bottom quartile because of being underserved in the past.

Dr. Robert Moses, the Civil Rights hero who led the drive for African American voting rights in Mississippi, developed the Algebra Project because he believes that while the right to vote was the main Civil Rights issue of the 60s, today the central issue is the right to a quality education. If students are denied the opportunity to achieve full math literacy they are being denied the right to fully participate as citizens in the Information Age. The Algebra Project uses teaching techniques that emphasize how mathematical concepts are developed from everyday life.

Dr. Moses also developed the FlagwayTM game, an exciting, competitive team sport that teaches basic mathematical concepts using tactile and kinesthetic techniques. The Young People’s Project promotes FlagwayTM across the country.

An effort to convince DCPS to adopt Algebra Project-like teaching techniques was rejected about 12 years ago by the then-Chancellor. This effort was revived by Washington Teachers’ Union President Elizabeth Davis.

For the past three years, WTU has offered Algebra Project training to DCPS educators and has been collaborating with DCPS officials to make these techniques an integral part of the DCPS curriculum.