WTU Members

Open our Membership Guide then log-in to PeopleSoft at ess.dc.gov to become a WTU Member!



As a member of the Washington Teachers’ Union, you gain a voice in your day-to-day working life and in your future. You have a voice in helping to:

  • Address systemic barriers to excellence such as inequitable school funding;

  • Reform or replace IMPACT, our dysfunctional teacher evaluation system;

  • Select chancellors and principals;

  • Determine classroom curricula and pedagogical techniques, and much more.


You also have a voice in the union’s policies, programs and leadership.

  • You have a voice in contract negotiations with DCPS.

  • You help keep the WTU strong. In recent years, we have won some 90% of the cases in which we advocated for teachers’ rights. To stay strong, we need all educators to become members.

And be sure to check out the benefits that come with your membership!