Mutual Aid

What is Mutual Aid & Why it is important

By Laura Fuchs


Being separated from our students and families, it is hard not to feel helpless in the face of all of this unknown. While it is important to advocate for the government to step up and support our families, we know that there are immediate needs that are still not being met. But community members are stepping up to help each other using what is known as Mutual Aid.

From Big Door Brigade: "Mutual aid is a term to describe people giving each other needed material support, trying to resist the control dynamics, hierarchies, and system-affirming, oppressive arrangements of charity and social services. Mutual aid projects are a form of political participation in which people take responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions, not just through symbolic acts or putting pressure on their representatives in government, but by actually building new social relations that are more survivable."



Please Share with your school, students and families. Volunteer. And Donate.


Ward based Mutual Aid Groups: Facebook Group



Volunteer Link



Natacia Knapper / 202.590.1805


Ward 1 Go Fund Me

2   202-688-5812



3 202-556-1315

Ward 3 Go Fund Me



Ward 4 Go Fund Me

5 or (202) 643-7030



  202-683-9962 to volunteer!


7 & 8


Ward 7/8 Mutual Aid Signup Form


East of the River Mutual Aid Fund

Ward 7/8 Mutual Aid

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