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Clean Air & Safe Classrooms

The Washington Teachers' Union has negotiated with DC Public Schools a "Building Readiness Checklist." No school can be open to in-person learning if there are items out of compliance with the provisions on the checklist.




nurses.gifThe District of Columbia Nurses Association, which represents our school nurses, worked with us to ensure adequate safety measures were put in place. Learn more about their concerns with early reopening plans. Press Release. Demands from School Nurses.



Ensure Equity & Minimize Disruptions to Students


The WTU continues to express concerns that city reopening plans do not help us close the large, and growing, achievement gaps that plague our city.

We must #ReopenBetter. This means investing in programs and staff to close the opportunity gaps that plague our city.

The WTU believes that we must increase investments in Community Schools, social and mental health programming, and culturally responsive curriculum. In FY2022, no school should receive a budget cut. 


The District's early plans failed to deliver on its promise to provide support to those who need it the most. The WTU and CSO were proud to oppose early reopen plans put forth by DCPS.

WTU Members express "No Confidence" in DCPS plans to reopen schools, citing disruption to student learning and lack of clarity in safety protocols. Read more.



DC's Principals, through the Council of School Officers, expressed their concerns about the Mayor's Plan to reopen schools to in-person learning in an Open Letter. Read more.



The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) Assembly also came together, representing parent leaders from all eight Wards, to oppose the Mayor's plan (Learn more about the roles LSATs in our DCPS School communities). Read more.


A Seat at the Table

Principals, Teachers, and Parents must have a voice in determining how to safely reopen our schools and how to best support their school communities. Employees and parents should not learn of decisions impacting us without true engagement. 

The WTU and our Union allies fought to ensure the establishment of local school Reopen Community Corps to provide community's a voice in their reopening plans. Read the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) decision ruling that DCPS violated the law in developing their initial Reopen Plan by not working in good faith with your teachers.

Unfair Labor Practice Complaint.

Hearing Examiner Decision.

Request for Preliminary Relief.

Preliminary Relief Order.