School Year 20-21 Budget

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Help us ensure our schools receive the funding they need for next school year.

We understand that making budget choices in a pandemic economy is challenging, but city leaders should look to the Great Recession as a cautionary tale for what can happen if we reverse investments in our schools. Nationally, less funding led to worse academic outcomes and massive layoffs of school staff, consequences that would only prolong our city’s recovery. To prevent these predictable results, the mayor and D.C. Council should hold the education budget harmless by raising revenue and strategically leveraging federal support.

The DC Line published an Op-Ed from President Davis along with Alyssa Noth and Qubilah Huddleston from the DC Fiscal Policy Institute outlining our position on the School Year 20-21 Budget. We hope you’ll read it and share it widely.

These city-wide priorities can't overshadow the decisions being made at local schools, including proposed cuts to School Library Programs. The American Library Association sent this letter to Mayor Bowser and city council members, opposing proposed cuts to School Library Programs across DC Public Schools. We invite you to sign the Petition for DC School Librarians to ensure our school system is fully funded AND every DCPS student receives a rich, well-rounded education.

We’re asking for your help in Ensuring Our Teachers and Our Students have what they need to succeed in the next school year.

Please Sign Our Petition Here.

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