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Washington Teachers Union (WTU) invites all community members to share how COVID 19 has dramatically impacted our lives. We hope to push school leaders to make community informed decisions regarding schools in DC. This is a city-wide issue of safety!


#OnlyWhenItsSafe - Share your Story Virtual Round Table 

July 29th 3-4:30pm

DC Educators and Community Members will gather to share their personal stories. Teachers and families will share their struggles and fears concerning COVID and reopening schools too soon. We will show DCPS that the only choice for reopen schools #OnlyWhenItsSafe.

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Please write or record your experiences with COVID or your fears surrounding DCPS reopening schools too soon. Send testimonies to [email protected]. Your story may be used during Sunday’s event.


As you may know, in order to promote and advance its work on behalf of DCPS teachers, WTU regularly publicizes event through social media, such as twitter or facebook, or in other ways. WTU may use information, images, recordings, or quotations from events. It may do so as the event is ongoing, or afterwards.

By participating in the event identified above, you give your consent to WTU to proceed in this manner, including by using images or recording of you that may be taken at the event, or publicizing information that you provide at the event. You agree not to raise any claim against WTU for use of such material.

July 26, 2020 at 3:00pm - 5pm
Via Zoom or YouTube

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