Statement to Labor Committee on FY2021 Budget

DC City Council, Committee on Labor & Workforce Development

Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Oversight Hearing

Testimony of Elizabeth A. Davis, President

Washington Teachers’ Union

AFT Local 6



The reopening of our school doors will serve as a symbol of our city’s recovery. How we invest in our school system and its employees in the upcoming school year will serve as a symbol of our city’s values.

The novel coronavirus and the subsequent school closures have made clear that schools play an outsized role in our community — they are so much more than places to learn. Schools provide vital nutrition, physical safety, mental health and critical developmental supports to tens of thousands of students across the District every day. They also play a key role in supporting members of the city’s workforce as a place where their children can thrive while adults are at work. Our teachers are front line employees, required to show up each day despite risks to their health and the health of their families. Teachers will be critical to our city’s economic recovery.


-- Read More -- You can download and read our full statement here.


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