Union Leadership Institute (ULI)

Members of the Washington Teachers Union have many opportunities to become a leader who helps ensure the voice of teachers are heard. They can become a member of a School Chapter Advisory Committee (SCAC), a Local School Advisory Team (LSAT), or join one of many other committees or teams. Members can also become a Building Representative, a Delegate to the WTU Representative Assembly or a member of the Executive Board.

Today, WTU rank and file members are looking for leaders who can help forge a new, more collaborative relationship with DCPS administrators.

Members who want to become a representative of their colleagues or to actively contribute to the design of DCPS policies do not have to stop themselves because they have never done so before or because they feel “unqualified.”

The WTU offers periodic Union Leadership Institutes (ULIs) that give all members the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills and to acquire the detailed knowledge needed to be an effective teacher representative.


Materials for the Union Leadership Institute are available here.