Washington DC Teachers’ Opposes DCPS “Return to Work Guidelines”

WASHINGTON — The Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) was made aware late today that teachers received “Return to In-Person Work Guidelines” from DC Public Schools.


Statement from WTU President Elizabeth Davis:

“I was disappointed to learn that DCPS has sent teachers “Return to Work Guidance,” prior to providing a fully developed plan for how we safely and effectively resume instruction in the fall. The WTU received these guidelines hours before they were released to the teachers and did not have an opportunity to provide meaningful feedback to the proposal.

Washington’s Teachers fully support efforts to return to in-person learning, but it must be done in a manner that protects the health of our teachers, students and communities. Just last week, the WTU released a set of recommendations developed by nearly 400 teachers that provide guidance for how we can safely and effectively re-open our schools. Unfortunately, DCPS has decided to move forward without engaging the Union, our members, or the community in a meaningful dialogue about what education in our public schools will look like in the fall.

Chancellor Ferebee promised to “Move at the Speed of Trust” last spring when he was appointed as the new DCPS Chancellor. Unfortunately, this move has eroded any trust that he has managed to build with teachers. I ask that DCPS rescind the “Return to Work Guidance” and enter into a meaningful dialogue with teachers about the safe resumption of in-person learning. The WTU also requests that DCPS release the full results of parent, student and teacher survey results to help our city understand the enrollment trends and needs in our schools.

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In addition to health and safety recommendations, the WTU Reopen Report also makes recommendations about improvements to Distance Learning. To help improve student participation and bridge the Digital Divide, the WTU calls for an increased investment of $11 million to ensure all DCPS K-12 students receive a computer or tablet in the District’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget.


The WTU report is available in its entirety at https://www.wtulocal6.net/reopen_dc_taskforce_report        


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  • Gerald Norde
    commented 2020-07-16 16:00:17 -0400
    Schools closed in March because of Covid-19. Since March the virus has gotten worse, much worse, and they want to open schools? Fools!