WTU Statement on Council Decision to Disband Education Committee

For Immediate Release

December 22, 2020    



Washington DC Teachers Release Statement Council’s Decision to Disband Education Committee

WASHINGTON — The Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) President Elizabeth Davis released the following statement on the DC Council’s decision to disband the Committee on Education.

“We appreciate that the Council demonstrated the importance of education in the District by bringing it under the purview of the Chairman of the Council during the current Council period. However, the Chairman of the Council has many important competing priorities and our education system and students need a committee chairperson who has as their top priority the administration of the Committee on Education and oversight of the associated agencies. 

“In the coming Council session, local education agencies will be developing plans to safely reopen our schools. Additionally, over the coming months, our educational systems will need to develop plans to fully bridge the digital divide and achievement gaps that have long plagued our city, potentially with reductions in funding. In the coming year, the Council should also provide rigorous oversight on efforts to improve attendance and graduation rates, improve special educational services, and reduce school -based violence. These efforts will take significant action by the school agencies, as well as the Council to legislate and oversee the goals and activities of the Executive. 

“The Council is the only elected body in the District with the authority to provide oversight of our educational systems. It is a full-time job. And it is a job that needs a champion, an elected representative whose main priority is the investigation, oversight, and leadership of DC’s student’s needs. It is critical that this issue have the full attention of a member of the DC Council and a committed staff.”

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