DCPS and Washington Teachers' Union reach tentative contract agreement

Axios News reported on the tentative contract reached by DCPS and the WTU. 

D.C. public schools and the Washington Teachers’ Union say they have reached a tentative contract agreement more than three years after the union’s previous contract lapsed.

Why it matters: The two sides have been locked in a bitter fight over the new contract since October 2019, leading to an independent arbitrator taking over the negotiations last month.

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The WTU and DCPS Reach a Tentative Agreement after three years of negotiations!



We put in the work! We didn't let up -- and it paid off! After three tough years of negotiation, a tentative agreement was reached between the WTU and DCPS. The WTU won:

  • a 12% salary increase over four years that includes all retros and 4% this year
  • an additional 4% signing bonus
  • all benefits included and paid for
  • significant increase in administrative premiums

...and that's not all! 

Details on the tentative agreement will be released soon. All WTU members will have the ability to vote on whether or not to accept the offer. We'd like to thank the community groups who have supported us over the years as well as our tireless members. We couldn't have done it without you!

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Allyson Criner Brown and Emily Roderer: What DCPS schools need to help students thrive — and to attract and keep teachers

What makes a great public school, where students can truly thrive, teachers want to teach, and parents want to send their kids? As parents of students who have attended three schools operated by DC Public Schools (DCPS), we have a pretty good — and informed — idea. It takes adequate funding, supports and resources to address the needs and challenges of each school’s student population. It takes a respectful culture that values and supports all staff in the building, all students, and their families.

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D.C. Teachers March For New Contract As Union Bargaining Resumes

In a November 18th news story, DCist reported D.C. teachers held demonstrations at at least five schools across the city after school on Thursday, continuing their push for a contract after their last one expired in 2019.

At one school, they chanted slogans like, “Support your teachers, support your students,” and waved signs that declared “FAIR CONTRACT NOW!” and “GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS = GOOD LEARNING CONDITIONS.”

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There’s ‘An End in Sight’ for the Lengthy Contract Fight Between DCPS and the Teachers’ Union. But Plenty of Bad Blood Remains

On November 17th, the same day WTU teachers plan to rally around each of their respective schools in DCPS @3:30, the Washington City Paper published an article in hope of a resolution to the ongoing dispute. 

The last time D.C. had an up-to-date contract with its biggest teachers’ union, the Washington Nationals had yet to win a World Series, Lizzo’s first single was still topping the charts, and hardly anyone had ever heard of COVID-19. The two sides have been negotiating ever since, with a resolution to this saga now increasingly likely to stretch into a fourth year of debate.

The Washington Teachers’ Union and D.C. Public Schools have been fighting over a new collective bargaining agreement for so long that an independent arbitrator took over the matter late last month, setting up an end game for a dispute that has defined education politics in the District since the last contract expired in October 2019. 

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'Worst I've seen it': DC teachers call on Bowser for contract as arbitration nears

On Thursday, Nov. 3, WTU teachers chanted in front of DCPS Central Office D.C. for Mayor Muriel Bowser to settle a contract for DC Teachers after not having one for three years.

“This is my 34th year,” said Tina Bradshaw Smith, a high school teacher. “This is the worst I have ever seen it.”

Bradshaw Smith says her school is overcrowded, and some days they have to move and borrow desks and chairs.

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Washington Teachers’ Union’s Upcoming Actions Over Expired Contract; DCPS: Educators Urge: Settle the Contract

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