In the Mayor’s proposed budget for School Year 2021-2022, 37 schools across the District do not have a full-time librarian. 17 schools, or 46% of schools, without a full-time librarian are in Wards 7 & 8 (98% of students impacted in those schools are black).





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The WTU and DCPS have jointly established a Situation Room to review all matters related to the health and safety of everyone entering any school building.

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The reporting form is designed to highlight the areas agreed to in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by the WTU and DCPS in December to protect the safety of our students and school -based staff. It follows the DCPS Facility Checklist which outlines the protections for student and staff health guaranteed by DCPS. As you click on an area of the form, a drop-down box will appear to allow you to enter comments. Or simply complete the text box at the end of the form. All reports will remain confidential and no identifying information will be provided to DCPS.


Learn more about the WTU/DCPS Situation Room and how to report issues in your school community.

Learn more about the work the WTU and other Unions are doing to ensure our schools remain safe.



DCPS teachers who are not returning to your current schools can find available positions for SY20-21 and SY 21-22 by clicking here.


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