Last year's contract dealt with big issues to get schools reopened safely and ensure educators a baseline level of respect needed to stay in the job, including retroactive pay raises for the past three years when they worked under an expired contract. 

This year, teachers are focusing on sustained, specific support to help make the entire school system safer and more responsive to student needs. By Sept. 30th, 2023, we want to present the WTU membership with a new tentative agreement for their vote. DCPS must partner with us on this common goal!


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What people are saying

  • "Our students deserve competent teachers who have honed their craft and are the best at what they do!" Jessica Salute, Executive WTU Board Member, H-Street Festival 2022
  • "We are all working on the same issues.
    WTU elevates our voices so we can
    find better solutions." WTU Teacher 

  • "Teachers are leaving  after a year or two, and sometimes not that long because of the conditions that they are teaching under and the expectations are just not reasonable." WTU Teacher