The mission of the Washington Teachers’ Union is to:

  • Raise the standards of the teaching profession by ensuring and promoting conditions vital to effective services for all students.
  • Define and strengthen services of the schools and to afford employees with a full opportunity to participate in the democratic decision-making process within schools for the common good.




Librarian in Every School Campaign

Eligible for COVID Leave 

Back-to-School Grant Won


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What people are saying

  • "Love your paper topic! Students and teachers should feel safe expressing all aspects of their identity within school walls."

    Shaunta Morris, WTU Teacher Leader, WTU Teacher Leader Conference, May 14, 2022

  • "Mr. Pyle, your presentation, too, should be a PD and required for all DCPS administrators. It is disheartening to see so few male teachers of color in our schools. Thank you for this presentation about Black Male Teachers and for being one!"

    Persephone Brown, School Psychologist, Shephard Elementary School, WTU Teacher Leader Conference, May 14th 2022

  • "The equity between both teachers in a co-teaching model seems to affect the cohesiveness of lesson plans, effectiveness of lesson delivery, and student progress in my experience. If more time can be spent on UDL during cooperative lesson planning, more students could have an opportunity to be proficient."

    Ann Pratt, WTU Teacher Leader, WTU Teacher Leader Conference, May 14th 2022