The mission of the Washington Teachers’ Union is to:

  • Raise the standards of the teaching profession by ensuring and promoting conditions vital to effective services for all students.
  • Define and strengthen services of the schools and to afford employees with a full opportunity to participate in the democratic decision-making process within schools for the common good.


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What people are saying

  • "WTU is the best union you could ever have! I love everything the Union does for us when it comes to supporting teachers." Shannon Wright, J.C. Nalle Elementary Pre-School Teacher, Teacher Appreciation Party, May 5, 2023 

  • "I took this class to keep me abreast of what was still going on in the system. I enjoyed this class very much. It was very informative and it was lively! Thank you." WTU Teacher Rosalyn Dorsey, Retired Teacher/Student in WTU's Spring PD - Beginning Reading Instruction

  • "WTU believes all teachers deserve great working conditions and fair wages. All of the money from our contract is going right into the pockets of DCPS teachers. Can all Charter School Leaders promise and assure all of their funding will go into the pockets of their teachers? WTU would love to work and organize with our charter school brothers and sisters to achieve this goal.Jacqueline Pogue-Lyons, WTU President, Council of the District of Columbia, The Committee of the Whole Budget Oversight, April 5, 2023