Roles and Responsibilities of WTU Elected Positions 

Building Representative - An elected representative for the Union, or a Union designee in each school, school administrative unit, or school functional unit who serves as chairperson of the School Chapter Advisory Committee (SCAC) and as the ranking delegate from each building to the Representative Assembly.

School Chapter Advisory Committee (SCAC) Members - SCAC committees meet with building supervisors once a month to discuss instructional issues, school policy and questions pertaining to the implementation of the WTU-DCPS collective bargaining agreement. [SEE ARTICLE 9, WTU-DCPS CONTRACT]. SCACs consist of not more than seven (7) members of the Union in each school, school administrative unit, or school functional unit. There shall be only one School Chapter Advisory Committee in each school, school administrative unit, or school functional unit regardless of the number of bargaining units represented by the Union, except where there is more than one supervisor.

Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) Members - An LSAT is a consensus group of administrators, parents, teachers, support staff, union representative, community representative and students who are elected and/or appointed to advise on matters of local school policy.

Personnel Committee (PC) Members - Personnel Committee Members interview and recommend all candidates for any vacant positions at the school except the position of principal. The members of the Personnel Committee will include: the administrator or his/her designee; the WTU Building Representative or his/her designee; the department head or grade level chairperson from the department or grade level affected by the vacancy (or his/her designee), or a member of the appropriate non-Teacher employee group (e.g., custodians, paraprofessionals); at least one additional Teacher, but not more than (4), elected by the WTU chapter at the school; and a parent of a current student mutually selected by both WTU Building Representative and the Supervisor.

Delegates to Representative Assembly - The general governing body of the WTU shall be the Representative Assembly. Delegates to this Assembly shall consist of members of the WTU who are elected by the members at their schools. Delegates to the Representative Assembly shall be apportioned on the basis of one for every twenty-five members or major portion thereof, with not less than one representative per building.


* All schools must have a LSAT and Personnel Committee.

Roles and Responsibilities of Field Representatives (Non-elected Positions)

Field Representatives - Field Representatives are highly trained employees of the WTU. Field Representatives work to enforce the WTU-DCPS contract, continually strive to strengthen educator-administrator collaboration, and when necessary, process grievances.

Download 2023-24 Field Rep Assignments

The WTU also elects members to serve as delegates and as members of the Elections Committee for the American Federation of Teachers Convention and as Delegates to the Maryland / DC AFL-CIO Convention. 

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