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Washington Teachers' Union Staff (Inner Office Only)

Main Switchboard – 202-517-1477

STAFF MEMBER                                                     OFFICE                        CELL

Jacqueline Pogue Lyons, President                          202-517-0727            240-687-0171
[email protected]il.com                                                                     

Regina Bell, General Vice-President                         202-517-0682            202-957-5760
[email protected]


Maria Granone, Executive Director                          202-517-0729  
[email protected]

Louis Blount, Executive Assistant                            202-517-0727             202-957-9947
[email protected]


Valerie Kilby, Membership Coordinator                     202-517-0728  
[email protected]


Charmaine Wilks, Benefits Coordinator:                   202-517-1475
Leave Benefits                   
[email protected]


Eboné Baty, Receptionist                                        202-517-1477              202-957-5255
[email protected]


Charles Moore, Field Representative                       202-517-0731               301-892-0724
[email protected]


Janice Brown, Field Representative                         202-517-0735               202-957-9928
[email protected]


Juan Gonzalez, Field Representative                        202-517-1477               202-957-2469
[email protected]


Angie Skinner, Field Representative                         202-517-0733                202-957-5525
[email protected]

Fredrick Burton,  Field Representative                      202-517-0732               202-957-1348
[email protected]

To download a .pdf of the WTU 2022-23 staff, please click here.

WTU Office

1329 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE 
Washington, D.C. 2003
[email protected]
Main Switchboard: 202-517-1477
FAX: 202-517-0673

Media Contact

For media inquiries, please contact:
Maria Granone   |   [email protected]   |    202-517-0729


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