WTU Sick Leave Bank and/or Maternity/Paternity Leave Bank

As a member of the WTU, you are eligible to join the WTU Sick Leave Bank and/or Maternity/Paternity Leave Bank, which grant you up to 30 days of Sick and/or Maternity/Paternity Leave per year for an extended illness (Sick Leave) or for the birth or placement of the employee’s child (Maternity/Paternity Leave). Each participating member contributes eight hours (1 day) of Sick Leave per leave bank enrolled in, per school year. For details and enrollment information, please call the WTU at 202.293.8600. Download Sick Leave Bank application here.

WTU Sick Leave Load

All members of the WTU in ET 15 positions are advanced Sick Leave hours at the beginning of each school year. Note that Sick Leave hours will be pro-rated for all employees hired after the start of the school year. Sick Leave hours are advanced as follows:

  • ET 15 (10-month):96 hours (12 days)
  • ET 15 (11-month): 108 hours (13.5 days)
  • ET 15 (12-month): 120 hours (15 days)
  • EG 09 (12 month): 120 hours (15 days)

Up to 32 hours (4 days) per school year of the Sick Leave that you are advanced can be used as personal leave. Unused Sick Leave shall be carried forward from year to year. Sick Leave is not transferable and has no cash value; therefore, you will not receive the cash value of any remaining Sick Leave upon separation from employment.

WTU General and Annual Leave Accruals All members of the WTU in EG 09 positions earn General and Annual Leave, based on years of service. Employees with:

▪ 0-2 years of service earn four hours per pay period

▪ 3-15 years of service earn six hours per pay period

▪ 16+ years of service earn eight hours per pay period

Note: Members of the WTU in ET 15 positions are not eligible for General and Annual Leave.

Maternity/Paternity Leave Application

If the .pdf of the Maternity/Paternity Leave Application form doesn't appear immediately, please download it here.


Dental/Vision benefits through the WTU is a negotiated benefit.  These benefits are available to all DCPS teachers because DCPS pays the monthly premiums for coverage – teachers pay no premium costs. The WTU offers two Dental plan options: In-Network Only and PPO provided by United Healthcare Dental. Optical benefits are provided by United Healthcare Vision. Enrollment in these plans is automatic for ‘Employee Only’ coverage. However, if you need to add dependents to your Dental or Optical coverage, you must complete this in PeopleSoft during new hire enrollment, open enrollment, or 31 calendar days after a qualifying life event.

For more information on these Benefit plans and enrollment information for both Dental and Optical coverage, please contact the DCPS Benefits team at [email protected] or (202) 442-4090, option 1. Contacts for Dental and Optical benefits are provided below:

If you have any questions, contact Carlton Nettles by email at [email protected] regarding any dental, vision, or legal benefits concerns, or [email protected] regarding any leave of absence, sick leave or maternity/paternity leave banks concerns, or by phone at 202-517-0728.

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