Before we organized into a union, DCPS educators had virtually no benefits and no rights. With a union, members are entitled to a whole host of benefits, including the pre-paid legal services described here. Washington Teachers’ Union members and their dependents who have legal matters in the following areas will be offered legal services by the offices of Robert A. Ades & Associates, P.C. on an unrestricted and unlimited basis with no attorney fees whatsoever:

  • Legal Consultations, Notary Services, Document Reviews
  • Social Security Disability Applications, Veterans Benefits, Unemployment Compensation, Arbirtration 
  • Bankruptcy, Medical Insurance Claims, Consumer Rights and Problems with Credit Ratings
  • Misdemenaor Charges, Felony Charges
  • Contested Divorce, Contested Adoption, Guardianship, Name Change
  • Real Estate Settlement, Mortgage Foreclosure, Landlord/Tenant Negotiations
  • Deed Consultation, Simple Will, Contested Will, Probate 
  • Visa Petitions, Labor Certifications
  • Personal Injury, Property Damage, Conflicts and many more legal issues!

To learn more about what type of legal matters are covered, please download this document.



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