Washington Teachers’ Union Executive Board



Jacqueline Pogue Lyons

General Vice President

Regina Bell


Laura Fuchs


Christopher Stewart

Vice Presidents

Elementary, Luz Mireya Pelaez Lopez

Junior High, James Isreal

Senior High, Maria Angala

Special Ed., Samantha Brown

Spec. Services, vacant

Career Dev., Andre Green






Members At-Large, Elementary

Rachel Orr

Laurine Kennedy

Joyce Hill

Lagreta Pringle

Members At-Large, Junior High

Gleeson Young

Samuel Cuadro

Members At-Large, Senior High

Rebecca Bradshaw-Smith

Steve Donkin

Members At- Large, Specialized Services

Kimberlynn Jurkowski

Venola Rolle

Signe Nelson

Board of Trustees

Regina Kimbrough

Ron Edmonds

Kenneth Neat
























The WTU also elects members to serve as delegates and as members of the Elections Committee for the American Federation of Teachers Convention and as Delegates to the Maryland / DC AFL-CIO Convention. The list of members representing the WTU is available here.