2020 Teacher Leaders

WTU Teacher Leaders are full-time educators who have been selected to join a nationwide network through the American Federation of Teachers. They are taking an active role in influencing policy in a number of areas, including teacher leadership in school change, teacher retention, professional development, the critical role of librarians, and the impact of student discipline issues and overall policy changes that will ultimately help improve educational outcomes for all DCPS students.

We invite you to read their final research reports.


Davaun A. Barnett, Sr, Leckie ES

How Can Building Authentic Consensus Improve Policy Implementation? 


Clare Berke, Banneker HS

Not Too Cold and Not Too Close: Social-Emotional Learning for the Highest Performing Students in D.C. Public Schools.



Rhonda R. Crittendon, Houston ES

Is the public-school system effectively servicing special needs students academically? Can the implementation of “Inclusion” create a learning environment of efficacy in the classroom?


Kristian Ellingsen, Columbia Heights EC

What Got You Over the Hump? A Study of Major Factors Relating to Teacher Retention in Public Schools.



Nijma Esad, Hart MS

School Librarians: An Essential Partner in the Push to Increase Reading Proficiency on Standardized Tests.


Ashley Kearney, Ron Brown HS

When Passing the Buck Stops: Investigation of the Role of LEAP on Influencing the Instructional Practice of Secondary Math Teachers in the District of Columbia.



Maria McLemore, Cardozo EC

Ride at your own risk: Is public transportation a means of last resort for students commuting to school?



Lindsey R. Nelson, King ES

TEACH FRESH-A SUB's WAY: The "Footlong" Substitute Teacher Shortage.



Valerie Ridley, Anne Beers ES

Silent Killer: How Does the Uneven Application of Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior Affect Classroom Climate?


Shanice Smith, Barnard ES

Newsflash! Stick to the Script: How does the scripted curriculum affect student achievement in Title One schools versus students in non-Title One schools?


Donald E. Thompson, Jr, Anacostia HS

Teacher Perspectives: Impact of Alternative Suspension Policies on Teacher Safety.



Keisha Warner, Barnard ES

Declining IMPACT Ratings: Seek WTU Support or Accept Management Decisions.



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