FY2021 Budget Statement

DC City Council

Joint Budget (Fiscal Year 2021) Oversight Hearing:

Committee on Education & Committee of the Whole

June 4, 2020


Testimony of Elizabeth A. Davis, President

Washington Teachers’ Union


The novel coronavirus and the subsequent school closures have made clear that schools play an outsized role in our community — they are so much more than places to learn. Schools provide vital nutrition, physical safety, mental health and critical developmental supports to tens of thousands of students across the District every day.

Rodney King, Malice Wayne Green, Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Philando CastileAhmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor.

George Floyd.

These names are a call to action. They remind us that – as W.E.B. DuBois said “A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.” It is time that we embrace change and move beyond simple rhetoric.

I am a teacher. I believe our students are only limited by the opportunities that we provide them. Our school systems should be the great equalizer. Our schools must be a place where students can come and learn, a place where they can rise up and achieve. Unfortunately, here in the District of Columbia, we have a two-tiered system of education. And the inequities and the gaps are continuing to grow. Today, I call on you to make the changes needed to ensure every student – regardless of their zip code or luck in the lottery – receives a high-quality, well-rounded education.

You can read President Davis' full statement here.


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Statement to Labor Committee on FY2021 Budget

DC City Council, Committee on Labor & Workforce Development

Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Oversight Hearing

Testimony of Elizabeth A. Davis, President

Washington Teachers’ Union

AFT Local 6



The reopening of our school doors will serve as a symbol of our city’s recovery. How we invest in our school system and its employees in the upcoming school year will serve as a symbol of our city’s values.

The novel coronavirus and the subsequent school closures have made clear that schools play an outsized role in our community — they are so much more than places to learn. Schools provide vital nutrition, physical safety, mental health and critical developmental supports to tens of thousands of students across the District every day. They also play a key role in supporting members of the city’s workforce as a place where their children can thrive while adults are at work. Our teachers are front line employees, required to show up each day despite risks to their health and the health of their families. Teachers will be critical to our city’s economic recovery.


-- Read More -- You can download and read our full statement here.


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Teacher Leaders

WTU Teacher Leaders are full-time educators who have been selected to join a nationwide network through the American Federation of Teachers. They are taking an active role in influencing policy in a number of areas, including teacher leadership in school change, teacher retention, professional development, the critical role of librarians, and the impact of student discipline issues and overall policy changes that will ultimately help improve educational outcomes for all DCPS students.

We invite you to read their final research reports.


Davaun A. Barnett, Sr, Leckie ES

How Can Building Authentic Consensus Improve Policy Implementation? 


Clare Berke, Banneker HS

Not Too Cold and Not Too Close: Social-Emotional Learning for the Highest Performing Students in D.C. Public Schools.


Rhonda R. Crittendon, Houston ES

Is the public-school system effectively servicing special needs students academically? Can the implementation of “Inclusion” create a learning environment of efficacy in the classroom?


Kristian Ellingsen, Columbia Heights EC

What Got You Over the Hump? A Study of Major Factors Relating to Teacher Retention in Public Schools.


Nijma Esad, Hart MS

School Librarians: An Essential Partner in the Push to Increase Reading Proficiency on Standardized Tests.


Ashley Kearney, Ron Brown HS

When Passing the Buck Stops: Investigation of the Role of LEAP on Influencing the Instructional Practice of Secondary Math Teachers in the District of Columbia.


Maria McLemore, Cardozo EC

Ride at your own risk: Is public transportation a means of last resort for students commuting to school?


Lindsey R. Nelson, King ES

TEACH FRESH-A SUB's WAY: The "Footlong" Substitute Teacher Shortage.


Valerie Ridley, Anne Beers ES

Silent Killer: How Does the Uneven Application of Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior Affect Classroom Climate?


Shanice Smith, Barnard ES

Newsflash! Stick to the Script: How does the scripted curriculum affect student achievement in Title One schools versus students in non-Title One schools?


Donald E. Thompson, Jr, Anacostia HS

Teacher Perspectives: Impact of Alternative Suspension Policies on Teacher Safety.


Keisha Warner, Barnard ES

Declining IMPACT Ratings: Seek WTU Support or Accept Management Decisions.

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MS & HS Winners

We'd like to congratulate our Middle & High School Winnings!

1st Place

Dane Briscoe, McKinley MS


2nd Place

Katherine Salmeron, Luke C. Moore HS


2nd Place

Devonya Gassaway, Ballou HS


2nd Place

Lissbeth Garcia-Rodriguez, Hart MS


 3rd Place

 Bailey Mason, Eliot-Hine MS


Thanks to our partners atfor their support!

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Elementary Winners

We'd like to congratulate our Elementary School Winners!

1st Place

Isaiah Walker, Watkins ES

2nd Place

Margot Mulgrew-Whyte, Bancroft ES

2nd Place Maiara Guilmard, Tubman ES
2nd Place Felix Mulville, Horace Mann ES
3rd Place Maya Vogt, School Within A School @Golding
3rd Place Zipporah (Zippy) Steiner, Lafayette ES
3rd Place Phoenix Gueory, Watkins ES
3rd Place Zabrin Nawal Zaihan, Marie Reed ES
3rd Place Hans Spitzer, Key ES
3rd Place Owen Perez, John Eaton ES
3rd Place Nathaniel Clauss, Key ES

Thanks to our partners atfor their support!

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School Year 20-21 Budget

Your Voice is Needed NOW!

Help us ensure our schools receive the funding they need for next school year.

We understand that making budget choices in a pandemic economy is challenging, but city leaders should look to the Great Recession as a cautionary tale for what can happen if we reverse investments in our schools. Nationally, less funding led to worse academic outcomes and massive layoffs of school staff, consequences that would only prolong our city’s recovery. To prevent these predictable results, the mayor and D.C. Council should hold the education budget harmless by raising revenue and strategically leveraging federal support.

The DC Line published an Op-Ed from President Davis along with Alyssa Noth and Qubilah Huddleston from the DC Fiscal Policy Institute outlining our position on the School Year 20-21 Budget. We hope you’ll read it and share it widely.

These city-wide priorities can't overshadow the decisions being made at local schools, including proposed cuts to School Library Programs. The American Library Association sent this letter to Mayor Bowser and city council members, opposing proposed cuts to School Library Programs across DC Public Schools. We invite you to sign the Petition for DC School Librarians to ensure our school system is fully funded AND every DCPS student receives a rich, well-rounded education.

We’re asking for your help in Ensuring Our Teachers and Our Students have what they need to succeed in the next school year.

Please Sign Our Petition Here.

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WTU Endorses Robert White for Reelection


Contact: Joe Weedon


[email protected]


Washington Teachers’ Union Endorses Robert White

for Reelection to DC Council


WASHINGTON – The Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) today announced its endorsement of Robert White in the Democratic Primary for DC City Council At-Large Seat.

“During his time on the DC Council, Robert White has stood up for stronger transparency efforts, led the charge to Save Washington Met via emergency legislation, and listened to teachers when we testified regarding the IMPACT evaluation system and its relation to high rates of teacher churn,” said WTU President, Elizabeth A. Davis. “We have worked closely with Robert White for the past 4 years and are looking forward to working with him in the future on the Council.”

The WTU announced its endorsements for Ward –based seats earlier this year, supporting:

  • DC Council, Ward 2: Jordan Grossman
  • DC Council, Ward 4: Janeese Lewis George
  • DC Council, Ward 7: Anthony Lorenzo Green
  • DC Council, Ward 8: Trayon White

“We are proud to endorse a strong group of local Progressive candidates who will work with educators to improve education and address the barriers that our students face across our great city,” Davis continued.

The WTU’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) is a member-driven committee that issued a questionnaire to candidates, conducted candidate surveys, polled WTU members, and presented its recommendations to the WTU executive committee. The WTU executive committee then presented its recommendations to the WTU Assembly where representatives voted to approve the endorsements.

"We need a government who will work for all of our students,” said Laura Fuchs, chair of the WTU’s Committee on Political Education. “The WTU believes this progressive group of candidates is willing to challenge the status quo and take a strong stand on behalf of our public school community."

Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 for the DC Democratic Primary. The WTU will make endorsements for the city’s Independent at-large council seat and State Board of Education seats prior to the November general election.


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