DC's Back to School Basics

Given the number of school violence, traumatic events and ongoing challenges facing our students, DCPS should be doubling down on investing in school safety and helping educators and families alike. But instead, they’re stalling like always, making a business out of making DC teachers beg for what their kids need. There’s no sense of urgency and no policy for dealing with these problems. Teachers are scared for their kids and for themselves.

In WTU's survey of nearly 800 teachers, for example, nearly half of teachers (49.1 percent) said they’ve seen knives, guns or other dangerous weapons brought to school. More than 90 percent of teachers said they’ve witnessed student-on-student violence including assaults, objects thrown, slaps or punches, verbal or physical threats. Nearly three-quarters, or 74 percent, of teachers said workplace violence has made them feel anxious, fearful or increasingly vigilant, 49 percent said it has made them feel sad and depressed, and 45 percent said they have considered leaving the profession because of the violence.

WHUR interviewed WTU President Jacqueline Pogue Lyons on violence in schools. Check out the radio interview here!


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