The DC Council takes on Teacher Retention as new survey finds most DC teachers are unhappy

DC Teachers' Union President Jacqueline Pogue Lyons says the school system loses between 1/4 andDC Teacher in Classroom 1/3 of teachers every year.

She tells me a recent union survey shows most DC teachers are not happy with their jobs.

"Everyone says they love the teachers, they appreciate their work, but when it comes time to show it, they feel like it's just words and not actions," she said.

DC Teacher in ClassroomAmong the survey findings: most DCPS teachers are not satisfied with current conditions.

More than half believe DCPS has not treated teachers with respect, negotiated honestly, or made fair contract offers.


"The Washington Teachers' Union has not had an updated contract in more than three years," said former DCPS Instructional Assistant Patricia Stamper.

The mother-of-two left the school system in August of 2021.

She says the pay was low and the work was demanding.

"It's your planning period and you have a free period; they want you to go and support another classroom that doesn't have a teacher," she told me.

On Tuesday, the DC City Council addressed teacher retention during an online hearing.

"I feel unsafe and unsupported and for these reasons, I weigh my options for other employment on a fairly consistent basis," speaker Monica Austin shared.
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