WTU's Shared Vision Conference: Building Literacy for Young Adults

WTU's professional development program offers Shared Vision, our Spring Professional Development Conference, as well as online and face-to-face courses for teachers who aim to sharpen their skills, explore research opportunities, earn academic credit, and fulfill certification requirements. 

Our Shared Vision Conference brings together educators, policymakers, and the community to discuss the state of DC schools and what can be done to re-center our vision on students’ needs. This year, in keeping with WTU’s focus on literacy, we will welcome award-winning author Sharon G. Flake for both an in-person session with teachers/students on April 26th and a virtual session on April 27th. Although all teachers are invited to attend the in-person session on Friday, we want to extend a special invitation to MS and HS librarians and English teachers. All who participate in the in-person event will have an opportunity to receive a free copy of “The Skin I’m In.” This book will be the focus of our author discussion. WTU will provide lunch for all participants. Students will also have an opportunity to receive additional books by the writer, Sharon G. Flake. If you are interested in attending the in-person sessions with your students on Friday, April 26th from 10AM-1:30PM, please contact Mike Roland [email protected].

On Saturday, April 27th , the virtual component of our Shared Vision Conference will focus on building literary for our young adults as well as our legislative session with DC City Council and State Board members. Author, Sharon G. Flake will be our keynote speaker and we will have professional development sessions on building literacy. If you are interested in registering for the online session of the Shared Vision Conference on Saturday, April 27th, click here. 

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