AM Brew - January 22, 2024

A Message from WTU President

Good Morning WTU Members,

This past Saturday marked another successful one-day Union Leadership Institute (ULI) for WTU members! A special thanks goes to Sharona Robinson for her presentation on the LSAT and DCPS budget, and Michael Donaldson for his presentation on Article 18 of the CBA, The Behavior Management Committee and Student Discipline! DCPS’ most recent documentation on Student Behavior Guidance can be found here. We appreciate all WTU staff and teachers who devoted their weekend time to this key training!

Along with ULI, WTU leadership also attended the AFT CSI conference in New York. We’d like to thank the CTE teachers, WTU Executive Board Members and the Representative from Deputy Mayor for Education Paul Kiln’s office for attending this rigorous conference on career and technical education programs. Event photos are available here.

As mentioned last month, please note your February 9th paycheck should reflect a dues adjustment voted on by our membership in the fall. Academic year 2023-24 rates will increase to $39.72 (FY24). This initial catch-up plan will take place over a three-year period and is required by the WTU Bylaws and Constitution. Moving forward, dues adjustments for (FY25) $40.81, (FY26) $43.97 and successive annual dues increases will be effective on October 1st of every fiscal year as required by the WTU Constitution and Bylaws. Dues adjustments will support union activities as we strive to provide members with efficient member services, professional development, and address long-overdue building maintenance issues.

We also invite MORE WTU members to join us for Contract Action Team meetings. The next meeting will be held on January 24th @5PM via Zoom. See passcode below. Please attend! All voices matter.

As always, I wish you a warmer, peaceful and productive week!.

Thank you for your support!

In solidarity,

Jacqueline Pogue Lyons, President

Washington Teachers’ Union


Weekly Update - WTU’s Contract Action Team (CAT)

We need your ideas for contract bargaining actions! Please join us online for our next CAT team meeting on January 24th @5PM via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 816 3587 3339, Passcode: 302288

Also, we still need your photos wearing red on Fridays and more signatures on our petition. Please encourage all to sign!


Volunteer to participate in WTU Endorsement Process!

Use this form to sign up to volunteer to formulate and ask questions for the March 23 WTU COPE 2024 DC Primary Forum to proceed the WTU endorsement process. Click here to sign up!



FY 2025 Initial Budgets to be released soon!

Given the upcoming DCPS FY25 initial budgets, please review the LSAT newsletter to prepare the budget priorities for your school. Until the new budget is released, it is best to reference the FY24 Budget Guide. For additional resources, please check out the budget recording here. If you need support, please contact [email protected].



Upcoming Events, Activities & Meetings

  • January 19th Local Education Agencies (LEA) Professional Development Opportunities:  ARROW Retention Bonus, LEA Financial Reporting Application, and More! LEARN MORE
  • January 24th @ 3:45 Meeting, Special Education Teachers, and Janice Brown Parker, REGISTRATION
  • January 26th @6PM AFT Book Club with Amanda Gorman, REGISTRATION
  • January 31th @ 3:45 Meeting, RSP and Janice Brown Parker, REGISTRATION
  • February 6th @ 4:30 XQ Discussion, Virtual, REGISTRATION


In the News

Professional Development and Other Opportunities

LEA Look Forward for Jan. 19, 2024: ARROW Retention Bonus, LEA Financial Reporting Application, and More!


Membership Update

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