AM Brew - March 11, 2024

A Message from WTU President

Good Morning WTU!

I hope last week went well for you and your students! In addition to March being Women’s History Month, March is also National Social Work Month. We’d like to acknowledge our school social workers and the critical role they play in supporting students and families in our schools. The pandemic has magnified and increased the need for the support social workers provide to those experiencing safety, trauma, isolation, hunger, housing insecurity, and mental health issues.

Last week, WTU’s Contract Bargaining Team went above and beyond, spending two late evenings at WTU’s office, prepping for today’s bargaining team meeting with DCPS. Due to your protests and effort, I’m happy to report that WTU’s bargaining team meeting today will take place at 1 PM rather than the ridiculous hour of 5 AM. To learn more about what transpired during our preparation meeting, watch WTU’s Contract Negotiating Team’s Weekly Update here. If you want a detailed update on our contract negotiations as well as the plight of our athletic trainers, please read Sam Collins’ article in The Washington Informer.

I’m also so grateful to Deal MS teachers who rallied every day after school last week for a new contract! Their school’s contract action, organized by Building Representative Michael Donaldson, proved to be a huge success! On Friday, the last day, teachers and community members from Jackson-Reed HS, Janney ES, Hearst ES, Murch ES, and Lafayette ES joined the rally for a new contract! WTU would also like to thank the building representatives from all these schools for their support and coming out to this action. Ward 3 Councilmember Matt Frumin, DC State Board of Education Representatives Eric Goulet, and Frazier O’Leary also supported this action and we are so grateful. To learn more about Deal MS’s final contract action, click here to watch a short video and here for photos.

If you have ideas on what contract actions your school should take, please contact your Building Representative and WTU’s organizer, Mike Roland ([email protected]), for support. The WTU staff is here to support you in whatever actions you believe will work best for your school! Together, we must show DCPS we will not tolerate their proposed reduction of our rights! Remember, good teaching conditions equals great learning conditions! If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to download WTU’s two-page summary of WTU’s Contract Negotiating Team’s 10 Proposals and 3 Memorandums of Agreement released in October 2023. We want all members to know what we’ve proposed to DCPS for our new contract.  

Also, please be on the lookout for your school’s visit from the WTU team and loud and proud contract actions around the city. We look forward to seeing you shortly!

Thank you, as always, for your support!

In solidarity,

Jacqueline Pogue Lyons, President

Washington Teachers’ Union


Weekly Update - WTU’s Contract Action Team (CAT)

Watch WTU’s Contract Negotiating Team’s weekly update here!

We still need your photos wearing red on Fridays and signatures on our petition. Please encourage all to sign!


Let the Council Hear Your Teacher Voice!

April 3 at 9 AM Budget Oversight Hearing for DCPS DC Council Hearings Management System

April 11 Virtual Retirement Session with DCPS, DC Retirement Board and WTU, details will follow.


Sign a Petition to Fully Fund our Schools!

Petition · Fully Fund Our Public Schools · Change.org

Let this World Be Beautiful

Upcoming Events, Activities & Meetings

  • March 12 @4:30PM Rep Assembly Meeting Building reps and delegates will receive a link to join as a panelist. Mary Collins will give a short presentation on retirement.
    Mary Levy will give a brief presentation on the status of the DCPS budget.  INFORMATION.
  • March 12 @ 7PM W3EdNet Topic: School Budgets with Councilmember Frumin, Q&A, Register in Advance. INFORMATION.
  • April 3 @9AM Budget Oversight Hearing at DCPS, DC Council Hearing Management Systems, INFORMATION.
  • April 11 Virtual Retirement Session with DCPS, DC Retirement Board and WTU, details will follow.

In the News

Professional Development and Other Opportunities


Instructor: Dr. John Taylor
Date: March 17th, 23rd, April 6th, 27th, and May 4th 2024
Time: 8:30-4PM
Location: Kimball ES
Cost: Registration Fee Required

This course is designed to acquaint participants with the degrees of visual dysfunction and the kinds of technology that should be utilized in working with the blind and visually impaired. Students discover best practices for working with this targeted group. Field experiences for the participants will be offered to learn first-hand what services are available for low-vision and blind students.

Participants may earn 45 PLU’s or three graduate credits from Trinity University.



LEA Look Forward – Weekly Update

LEA Look Forward for March 8, 2024: • SOAR Act FY23 Facilities Reporting Deadline, Epinephrine Administration Training and More!


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