AM Brew - November 20, 2023

A Message from WTU President

Good Morning WTU Members,

As we approach the holiday, I wish you a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving break! The WTU is grateful and thankful for all that you do to support this organization as well as the students and families of the District. I hope you will find time to relax and time to hang out and have fun with family and friends. This past Tuesday, I had an opportunity to testify at DCPS’ budget hearing. In my testimony, Channel 9 news broadcasted my call for an independent audit of DCPS and their finances. This hearing showed how frustrated and annoyed DC City Council Chairman Mendelson and Councilmember Parker are with DCPS’ budgeting strategies and contract bargaining delays. DC City Councilmember Henderson, among others, expressed their dismay with DCPS’ lack of urgency in paying teacher bonuses on time AND questioned why the WTU has never historically been given a multi-year contract unlike other unions.

I want to urge all members to testify at the City Council’s hearing on the retention of DCPS teachers and principals on Monday, November 28th. This hearing will be held virtually and after school. We need as many members as possible to raise their teacher voices! Testifying will give city council members the information they need to advocate for and with us. The deadline to register to testify at this hearing is Friday, Nov. 24th ( the day after Thanksgiving). Please email [email protected] if interested.

In our effort to achieve a contract, we also need all members to take less than a minute to SIGN OUR PETITION FOR SAFE SCHOOLS! To date, we’ve received 1,259 signatures from WTU teachers and community members, but we can and must do better. Please share the petition with friends and family during the Thanksgiving break and encourage them to sign. It is extremely important to show our teacher power by the number of signatures.

Last Tuesday, WTU’s Representative Assembly approved a three-year gradual increase to WTU’s membership dues. This fiscally responsible decision gives our Union an opportunity to fulfill and meet the requirements of the WTU Bylaws and Constitution. Membership dues will increase from the current $36.08 to $39.72 (FY24), $40.81 (FY 25), 43.97 (FY 26). Moving forward, annual dues increases will be effective on October 1st of every fiscal year as required by WTU’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Thank you to those who joined us in-person and online for the WTU screening of “The Right to Read” last Thursday! As the film mentioned, fighting illiteracy rates is truly a civil rights issue. The WTU will continue in its efforts to improve literacy rates for all children in the District. Finally, please RSVP for the WTU holiday party on Friday, December 15th at the MLK Jr. Memorial Library Rooftop Terrace. It’s A Party that Sleighs! - Members-Only Password: WTU4u. Again, I wish you a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving!

In solidarity,

Jacqueline Pogue Lyons, President
Washington Teachers’ Union


Weekly Update - WTU’s Contract Action Team

Please consider testifying at the DC Council public hearing below:

  • November 28: DC Council - Oversight Hearing – Teacher and Principal Retention: INFORMATION

    • Interested in testifying? Register before 5PM Nov. 24th here.

If you’ve never testified before, don’t worry. We’ve got you! We will make the process as easy for you as possible and will help you prepare for your virtual testimony. Please contact [email protected] if interested.

Please share our petition for safe schools! We also need your beautiful photos wearing red on Fridays! Email photos to [email protected] or text them to 202-957-1782.


School Facility Concerns

Please complete this survey if you have any concerns about your school’s facilities.




In the News


Events, Activities & Meetings  

  • November 20th: Virtual Session - Bill 25-540, School Improvement Amendment Act of 2023: INFORMATION
  • November 21: DC Council Hearing on Educator Retention and Loan Repayment Assistance: INFORMATION
  • November 28: DC Council - Oversight Hearing – Teacher and Principal Retention: INFORMATION
  • December 4th: Virtual Session – How Should Visual Elements and Features be Displayed? INFORMATION
  • December 15: WTU’s Holiday Party, MLK Library Rooftop Terrace *RSVP here  Members-Only Password: WTU4u



Professional Development and Other Opportunities

LEA Look Forward for Oct. 13, 2023: Growing Healthy Schools Month, Attendance Community of Practice Opportunities and More!


Membership Update

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