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Last year's contract dealt with big issues to get schools reopened safely and ensure educators a baseline level of respect needed to stay in the job, including retroactive pay raises for the past three years when they worked under an expired contract. 

This year, teachers are focusing on sustained, specific support to help make the entire school system safer and more responsive to student needs. However, we cannot do this alone. ​We needed DCPS to come to the table! Read more here



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What people are saying

  • “I was very discouraged to learn 30 days after I finished my first month of teaching that our contract expired. What is that??”

    – Valinda Wynn, DCPS Graduate & First Year Teacher

  • “How is it possible that the DC City Council create and pass a budget without knowing the labor costs for the upcoming school years? This is budgeting 101. You need to know your costs when you are making a budget.”

    – Nathan Sparks, DC Teacher & WTU Contract Negotiating Team Member
  • “I, along with my colleagues, have expressed feeling overwhelmed by class sizes. Chronic large class sizes decrease the ability to lead a conducive learning environment. They decrease core student conduct and result in less small group instruction and activities.”

    – Letisha Malcolm, DCPS Teacher