DC teachers’ union ratifies new contract with overwhelming support


December 14th, 2022 - WTOP News reported on the overwhelming approval of the new contract by union members by a vote of 3,445 to 29. They highlight the new 12% retroactive raise for the past three years, when teachers worked under an expired contract, and for the current school year, plus a 4% retention bonus for every teacher.

Highlights from the contract lists nine items Union members will receive: 

  1. Salary increases are 2%, 2.5%, 3.5% and 4% for each year, respectively, starting in 2019, totaling 12%, plus interest and an additional 4% “signing” bonus for every teacher.
  2. Administrative premium, for overtime, increases 50% to $60 an hour.
  3. Starting salary goes from $56,313 to just over $63,373. The top salary (for teachers with more than 21 years of service and at least a master’s degree) goes from $116,408 to around $131,000.
  4. Beginning teachers will receive a $7,060 increase, and teachers at the top salary step will receive a $14,595 boost.

To learn more, read the Full story here.

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