DCPS teachers ‘upset’ that they’ll have to wait for full retroactive payment

DC News Now reported on DCPS' failure to pay teachers on time in an announcement released during Teacher Appreciation Week. WTU President Pogue-Lyons told reporters, "I’ve been receiving calls since yesterday with folks saying… what they were going to use the funds for, and now they have to dial back,” Lyons said. “Raising kids keeps going up and up, and so plans that you may have had for the summer are delayed, loans that you may have taken or wanted to pay back — all of that is delayed.” Read or Watch the full story here.

“I don’t know of any other profession where you would have to put up with this — where you do the work and then consistently, you’re disappointed about money that you’re that you’re owed, that you worked hard for,” Lyons said. “The only way you build trust is through consistency and knowing that when someone says they’re going to do something they follow through and they do it.” To read the full story, click here.

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