Oct 5 - PD Newsletter

Tech Tool Tuesdays (every Tuesday at 5-6:30pm)

Please join the WTU Professional Development Instructors for Tech Tool Tuesdays. As we prepare for both the known and unknown of 2020-2021, get ahead of the curve with these workshops that explore best practices in online learning. Click here to explore the weekly topics and to register. You can join for one or multiple sessions.


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AFT Needs Your Help.

The AFT is collecting instructional videos for teachers to help them improve their distance learning experience for themselves and their students, and we need your help.  

What: Have you recorded yourself doing a lesson, watched a tutorial on how to use a specific online tool or platform that you think was particularly helpful? Is there one you wish you could watch? We need any and all help to launch this new Community on Share My Lesson(SML).

Why: We are hearing from our members that they need short instructional videos to help them see how new tools are actually being used by colleagues in the field on different platforms to teach various subjects and grade levels. For example: Show us how you conduct a morning meeting using Zoom or how you taught a lesson using Jamboard or send us a think-a-loud or tips you think would be helpful for your fellow educators during this challenging time.

Where: Here is the link to the Google Form for submitting videos/ideas:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1V4qknA9Tsdm45VZZe-jPIPUQ6a83WqyNzULUDfxKwpY/edit


This will be an ongoing project, just like collecting lessons on SML, so please spread the word and ask your colleagues to jump in and help create this new exciting set of resources to help enhance you and your colleagues’ teaching. We can’t do it without you!


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