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Every student deserves a rich, hands-on learning experience. Students should receive individualized attention from teachers. Washington, D.C.’s schools should be racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse and places where parents and students are welcomed as active participants in decision-making. Students should receive health care, nutrition, and counseling services.

Join the Washington Teachers Union as we Take Action to ensure all students – regardless of race, ethnicity, immigration status, zip code, or luck in a school lottery - receive world class educational opportunities.

Sign up today to make your voice heard! We need your voice on one or more committees.

  • Fight IMPACT Committee

Teachers are the foundation of a quality education, and they are vital to the success of our students and our schools. The goals of excellence and equity in education in the District of Columbia cannot be achieved without a thriving, highly effective teacher workforce. The Washington Teachers’ Union fights for fair teacher evaluation systems which are designed to help teachers meet their students’ full educational needs.

Research has shown that the current DCPS system of evaluation, IMPACT, does not effectively measure progress being made by students from diverse backgrounds. It gives undue weight to test scores as the main measurement of success. The WTU is campaigning for teacher performance measurements that are developed, adopted and implemented collaboratively by teachers and administrators to replace IMPACT.

  • Communications Committee

The Communications Committee creates, updates and monitors communications out of the WTU as well as works with the other committees to develop policies that govern communications on social media accounts and discussion groups. We aim to create a united voice. It is the job of the Communications Committee to reach out to members in a timely manner and find new ways to engage new members. Most recently, the Communications Committee works on the WTU website re-design as well as all communications materials sent to the public. This committee to open to all members of the WTU.  

  • Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee helps to manage the different goals/activities of WTU Committees, providing a unifying voice on all issues to leadership.

  • Committee on Political Engagement (C.O.P.E.)

The Washington Teachers’ Union established the Committee on Political Education (WTU-COPE) to lead our political activities. Contributions to COPE are strictly voluntary, but most WTU members sign up for a program through which each pay period $1 automatically goes to WTU-COPE. Time and again, when teachers speak up together, and are persistent, lawmakers listen.

Click here to learn more about how you can join the C.O.P.E. committee or contact [email protected] for more information.

  • Legislative Committee

    The wide variety of issues that DCPS teachers deal with on a daily basis – from increasing class sizes, inadequate support for students and having our school budgets cut – are all directly impacted by the policies the lawmakers of Washington, D.C. put into place.

    Join us as we pursue education policies to ensure that all students receive world class educational opportunities that empower them to fulfill their limitless potential.


  • Fund Our Future Campaign 

The WTU’s Fund Our Schools Campaign is calling for funding to guarantee that each and every DC public school receives the support needed to meet the needs of its students. This includes funds for adequate staffing levels, up to date computer labs, libraries and other resources, designated funding for school security so that these costs do not diminish educational resources, and sufficient funds for the programs needed by students who have been traditionally underserved by our schools. The campaign is part of a national effort by the American Federation of Teachers to urge lawmakers to approve budgets that accurately reflect the needs of students.

  • Save the Librarians Campaign

    This year, the WTU ran a successful campaign to place a librarian in every school. DCPS has committed to funding school librarians through 2023, but not beyond. Join us as we mobilize to make sure librarians keep the positions we were able to win for them initially!

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