WTU Members To Engage with Public at Saturday's H Street Festival

WTU Members to Engage with Public at Saturday’s H Street Festival

DCPS Educators Haven’t Had a Contract in Three Years

WASHINGTON—Members of the Washington Teachers’ Union, who have been teaching D.C. public school students without a contract or a raise for three years, will join their community on Saturday at the H Street Festival.

WTU educators will be talking with the public about their agenda for improving D.C.’s public schools, including helping recruit and retain good teachers and ensuring their students get the resources they need to do well—all things they’re fighting for at the bargaining table.

WTU teachers, in addition to handing out flyers to the public, will be handing out free books to students of all ages at their table on H Street between 5th and 6th Street, N.E.

“We want what’s fair for teachers and good for students and their families. Because the reality is, D.C. public schools are struggling to recruit and retain teachers, educators haven’t had a raise in three years, class sizes are too large and educators need planning time to prepare for the day’s instruction. But by showing no urgency to confront these problems, DCPS and the mayor are turning their backs on every D.C. family and the entire community. This has terrible consequences for D.C. students,” said WTU President Jacqueline Pogue Lyons.

“We hope folks will come talk to us at the festival and learn more about what’s going on in our schools and how it affects them, whether they have kids in the system or not. All we want is for DCPS to show its educators and students respect and get serious at the bargaining table."

She noted that DCPS principals and Prince George’s County educators announced contract settlements this week that included pay hikes, shining an additional spotlight on the need for a contract for D.C.’s teachers.

WHAT:       WTU members fan out at H Street Festival

WHEN:       Saturday, Sept. 17, noon-6 p.m.

WHERE:     Members gathering starting at noon at 512 H St., N.E., Washington

WHO:         At least 200 WTU members, along with WTU President Pogue Lyons

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