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Monday, February 13, 2023

Last week the DC Council voted unanimously to approve the WTU’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. You can expect to receive the following increases to your base salary, effective October 1 of each of the following years:

  • 2.0 percent in fiscal year 2020;
  • 2.5 percent in fiscal year 2021;
  • 3.5 percent in fiscal year 2022; and
  • 4.0 percent in fiscal year 2023 and 4% retention bonus on March 24.

There will be a delay in the retroactive pay because it requires a supplemental budget submission that the Council will vote on in May. You should receive that payment on May 19. Full details are available here: Memorandum: Washington Teachers’ Union Collective Bargaining Agreement Compensation

While we should pause to celebrate this achievement and the impact it will have on teachers and students, we still have a lot of work ahead. This agreement will end on September 30, 2023 and our schools continue to face many challenges. I hope that you’ll join us for the next Representative Assembly on Tuesday, February 14 at 4:30 PM to learn more about our plans for to gather input for our next contract through surveys and town halls.


Rep Assembly February 14 @ 4:30

Join Via Zoom. Passcode: 220352


Education Town Hall

AFT President Randi Weingarten will be participating in an educator town hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders. Complete this form if you’d like to attend the town hall on February 13th at 7:15 PM with Randi Weingarten & Sen Bernie Sanders in person.
RSVP: Sen. Sanders' Town Hall with educators at the US Capitol (office.com)


WTU Spring 2023 Professional Development

Early Bird Pricing Ends Friday!

WTU courses are researched-based, peer-to-peer and solutions-driven courses. Successfully completing a class helps you fulfill re-certification requirements. Most courses offer 45 Professional Learning Units (PLUs) that can be used towards recertification. Alternatively, most -but not all- of the courses offer 3 Trinity University graduate credits that you can use towards re-certification instead of using the PLUs.

This spring we will be offering the following professional development courses:

  • Reading Comprehension Instruction taught by Euyln Thomas
  • Praxis Bootcamp – All Content taught by Nadia Torney
  • SEL for Adults taught by Dr. Persephone Brown
  • National Board Certification taught by Maria C. Angala
  • Accessibility Literacy Framework taught by Natalie Porter McCuistion
  • Beginning Reading Instruction taught by WTU President Jacqueline Pogue-Lyons & Joann Cornish

Learn More:  Spring 2023 - Professional Development Courses - WTU Local 6

Educators’ Night Out at the National’s Children’s Museum, February 15th

Educators' Night Out at National Children's Museum (nationalchildrensmuseum.org)

School Counselor’s Week

The WTU will celebrate School Counselors with food, gifts and prizes on Monday, February 27th at 4:15, McKinley Middle School. Please RSVP to Janice Brown Parker at [email protected]


WTU Surveys

DCPS in the news

D.C. is changing its 'archaic' social studies curriculum. Here's how. - The Washington Post

D.C. schools granted millions in contracts without required council approval - The Washington Post

Perspective | For D.C. teacher Bill Webb, school picture day went on for years - The Washington Post

Teacher Pay Raises Approved by the Council, with Speedy Action on Next Contract Also Urged • Council of the District of Columbia (dccouncil.gov)

Some DC Leaders Want To Keep School Resource Officers | WAMU

Mental Health

Parents worry that their kids might struggle with anxiety and depression, report says : NPR

U.S. Surgeon General on Importance of Youth Mental Health | C-SPAN.org


Scholarship opportunity for high school students who live in either Ward 5, 7, 8

The TraRon Center


PD and other opportunities from OSSE

LEA Look Forward for Feb. 10, 2023 | osse (dc.gov)


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Upcoming Events

Organizing Committee - Wednesday, February 15 @ 5 pm

Join Via Zoom. Passcode: 215906


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