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Monday, July 11, 2022


WTU in the News

D.C. schools and teachers struggle to reach contract after 3 years - The Washington Post


City Wide Poetry Slam/Competition Hosted by BCAC/BCFH




In 2021 DCPS announced that it would centrally purchase and maintain an in-lifecycle device (no older than 3 years old) for every WTU teacher starting in SY21-22. We are happy to announce that DCPS is extending this commitment to cover all WTU members under this plan starting in SY22-23. Consequently, every WTU staff member will be assigned an in-lifecycle laptop purchased centrally starting in SY22-23.  

Please note that while the purchase of devices is underway and we are working closely with the manufacturer to deliver them to schools prior to the new school year, we also anticipate and are preparing for potential COVID-related delays, due to international supply chain and shipping constraints. We will provide further updates on delivery timelines when available.  

Office Depot Supply Card

From - Procurement Operations Team
We are writing to remind you that the planned final day to use the 2021-2022 Office Depot supply cards was 6/25. This date was communicated in all distribution messages, as well as the information flyers released with the cards. An expiration date for supply cards, both in the case of electronic and physical cards, is consistent with previous years.

We were recently notified that Office Depot erroneously deactivated the cards two days early. To address this issue, we have reactivated all physical cards for an additional window of time to ensure all those affected have an opportunity to spend their funds. The cards will be active through Sunday 7/17/2022.

We apologize for any difficulties encountered by those who attempted to use remaining funds during the premature deactivation.


Our Compensation team has advised that they are currently processing all required stipend payments, e.g., Department Chairs and TLIs for disbursement. They do not have an exact date yet but have prioritized this to be resolved within the next week or so.


To: 10-Month Employees in WTU Positions; Re: Important Information About Your Upcoming Paychecks

Below is guidance from Time and Labor regarding your upcoming paychecks through the start of SY 22-23. If you are returning to DCPS for the SY 22-23, your upcoming paychecks will consist of the following:

Check date: July 15, 2022
Time included: June 19 through July 2
Duration of pay: Two weeks
Type of pay: first (of four) Summer Pay Credit payment
Note: You will see the Time Reporting Code of Hours Worked No Pay (HWNP) on your paycheck for June 21 through June 24. This is to offset the 4 days of pay provided at the start of SY 21-22 prior to the first reporting week, so that you received a full pay period of pay. However, as noted above, you will not see an interruption in pay as you will receive the first Summer Pay Credit payment, which equates to two weeks of pay.

Check date: July 29, 2022

Time included: July 3 through July 16
Duration of pay: Two weeks
Type of pay: second (of four) Summer Pay Credit payments Check date: August 12, 2022
Time included: July 18 through Jul 31
Duration of pay: Two weeks
Type of pay: third (of four) Summer Pay Credit payments

Check date: August 26, 2022

Time included: August 1 through August 14
Duration of pay: Two weeks
Type of pay: final (of four) Summer Pay Credit payments

If you would like to view your current Summer Pay Credit (SPC) balance, please review the balance posted on your paycheck stubs. Additional questions regarding your paycheck should be directed to the Time and Labor team at dcps.timeandlabor@k12. dc.gov or (202) 442-4090.


We would like to congratulate the 2022 election winners!

The Election Results for the 2022 WTU Officers Elections have been posted to the WTU Website at: https://www.wtulocal6.net/elections.


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Professional Development

WTU’s 2022 Summer Institute

All WTU courses are peer-instructed and you can earn continuing education credits towards recertification.

Click here to see and register for summer courses: https://www.wtulocal6.net/summer_institute_2022



Upcoming Events

Council of the Whole - Hearing on Literacy - Thursday, July 14

Sign up to testify at Committee Hearing Signup: Student Literacy


DCPS Hiring Fair - Thursday, July 14 (4-7pm)

The DCPS virtual hiring fairs aim to provide a one-stop shop for candidates to connect with schools around openings for next school while also learning more about other important processes and opportunities, such as joining the WTU.

Register here.




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