AM Brew - May 9, 2022

Here's What's Brewing Today

Monday, May 9


Representative Assembly

Tuesday, May 10 at 4:30 PM

Building Reps and delegates should use the link they received in their email to join the Rep Assembly Meeting. All members can attend the meeting. Only building reps and delegates may speak and are eligible to vote.

Click here to join the webinar


Teacher Appreciation Week

A HUGE Thank You to all the building reps who turned in U.S. mailing addresses and t-shirt sizes for their members. And, thanks to the support from WTU retirees and the Metropolitan Labor Council who were able to deliver t-shirts to over 70 schools last week!

We are asking Building Reps to continue to collect US mailing addresses and t-shirt sizes and we will make more tshirt deliveries this week. If you did not receive a WTU election notice in the US Mail, please contact your Field Representative

Please wear your t-shirt on Friday to show unity and solidarity during contract negotiations. We encourage you to post photos to social media. Please tag @WTUTeacher with #TeacherAppreciationWeek and #FairContract.



Campaigning has officially begun! Click here to review the Campaign Rules.  

Upcoming Elections Related Events.

  • May 10th 4:30pm – WTU’s Representative Assembly – Presidential Candidates will be provided 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their platform at this Rep Assembly Meeting.
  • May 11th 5:30pm – 7:30pm – Candidates Review of Membership List (more information will be shared directly with verified candidates).
  • May 12th 6:00pm – 8:00pm – WTU Elections Committee Candidates Forum Zoom Meeting ID: 880 5342 7425 Passcode: 051222 (First 800 people)
    • Live Streaming to YouTube; Search: WTU Elections Committee Candidates Forum.  Official Flier linked here.
    • Presidential Candidates will engage in a Q & A discussion about issues raised by you the Members! Please click here to submit questions for the Forum.
  • May 17th 6:00pm – 8:00pm – WTU Elections Committee Virtual Meet & Greet hosted by Mrs. Denise Rolark Barnes Publisher of The Washington Informer.  Official Flier with Zoom information will be shared in the May 16th Morning Brew.

Be on the lookout for a Special Edition of the Washington Teacher that shares more information about the Presidential Candidates running in this year’s election. Continue to check election updates through the Morning Brew to receive information about when Ballots should be arriving in the mail.

If you have any questions for the Elections Committee, please email us at [email protected] or leave a message at 202-505-3309. 

Building Elections

The building election packet was sent to Building Representatives, who are responsible for conducting building level elections, last week. Its contents can be found here.

A full list of WTU local school leadership positions and their duties is available here.


Support WTU Endorsed Candidates!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting these candidates and electing officials who will support teachers and our public schools! To learn more about COPE and to see a full list of WTU endorsements, click here.


Ward 4 School Modernizations

Please send an email to the Mayor, the Chancellor, and the Chairman to advocate that they proceed with plans to resolve overcrowding at Roosevelt and modernize Truesdell, Whittier and LaSalle-Backus as scheduled.  Write your own email or use the draft email. Every message counts!

To: [email protected],  [email protected][email protected],

Subject: Support Ward 4 Families and Schools 

Mayor Bowser, Chancellor Ferebee, and Chairman Mendelson:

I’m writing in support of Ward 4 students and schools in need of relief from overcrowding and overdue modernizations.

To alleviate extreme overcrowding at Roosevelt, which is projected to be the most crowded building in all of DCPS next year, I understand that DCPS has proposed moving the Roosevelt STAY Opportunity Academy to Garnet-Patterson next fall. Roosevelt STAY is an opportunity academy serving a citywide population of 16-24-year-old students, all of which are overage and under-credited. 200 of their nearly 600 students are English Language Learners (ELL) and 100% of them are Black or Hispanic. This program is a lifeline to them and we cannot continue to ask them and the over 800 Roosevelt HS students to endure an unsafe overcrowded learning environment. Roosevelt HS and Roosevelt STAY both need the additional space. Please allocate the funding for Garnet-Patterson to make this possible and support this move.

DCPS must also maintain plans to modernize Truesdell ES, Whittier ES, and LaSalle-Backus on schedule. I understand DCPS has proposed using all of the Sharpe Health campus in Ward 4 as swing space for Dorothy Height and then Truesdell ES beginning in SY23-24 (Fiscal Year 2024). Sharpe is the only swing space currently available in Ward 4 and any delays or shifts in Truesdell’s modernization school would mean delaying all three schools’ modernizations. Each school is a Title I school serving more than 90% Black and Hispanic students. They have also waited for their turns on the PACE modernization ranking system. Whittier ES in particular has endured a building with extensive maintenance problems and cannot be asked to wait any longer. Please allocate the funding to renovate Sharpe Health's currently under-used space and support DCPS's full use of its own building.

Simultaneously, I understand that Briya Public Charter School may be affected by these plans, as they currently occupy a portion of Sharpe. I understand DCPS has proposed alternative options for Briya to relocate to and I support these efforts to keep Briya near the families that they serve. Briya is a good school worthy of our help and I hope we can find a new site that allows them to stay for the long term. Please work with the Mayor and Briya to help them relocate to a new location in our community.

Thank you for your time and support for DCPS and Ward 4 families and schools!



The WTU was proud to launch an updated website last week. We hope you’ll check it out at www.WTULocal6.net.

We are collecting your photos and quotes for publication on the website; please send along an image and a quote about what the WTU means to you to [email protected] or via text to 703-904-0000.

For information on walkthroughs of new WTU website, please see the Upcoming Events section below.



We want to remind everyone that the CDC states, face masks help prevent the spread of Covid.

Please continue to report COVID related issues to the situation room - http://bit.ly/WTUSafeOpenings
And any testing or reporting issues to OSSE (OSSE Online Complaint Form (dc.gov).


AM Brew News and Notices will be archived at https://www.wtulocal6.net/AMBrew.


Professional Development

Next Flagway League Session is TODAY 5/9 @ 5pm

Join a community of DC educators who are transforming the way math instruction is delivered to students!!! "The goal of The Flagway™ Game is to create environments where students can practice and celebrate learning math. Register HERE.

National Board Certification Support Class (started 5/3—still time to join!)

Instructor: Maria Angala; Tuesdays: May 10, 17, 24 & 31; 5:30-7:00pm

The class is composed of a series of comprehensive review sessions designed to provide interested National Board candidates important information about the certification process, time to examine component and Assessment Center requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to collaborate, gather resources and information needed to pursue certification — all in a supportive, constructive, and collegial environment. Participants may earn 20 PLU’s. RSVP HERE.

WTU Spring 2022 PD Trainer Search!!!

Here is the APPLICATION to join our team of highly engaging and knowledgeable PD Trainers.

*Application Deadline Extended: Wednesday 5/11 @ 11:59pm

*There will be opportunities to interview with a panel between 5/8 and 5/13/2022

*Accepted Applicants will be notified by 5/20/2022.

Reach out to Sarah Elwell at [email protected] or 202.957.9939 if you have questions or need further information.


Upcoming Events

2022 WTU Teacher Leader Virtual Research Symposium

Saturday, May 14 @ 9am-1pm; earn 5 PLU’s

Register HERE for an amazing lineup of research presentations from our teacher leaders Staci Adams, Fatima Baig, Dawn Brodus-Yougha, Desiree Caldwell, Amanda D’Angelo, Julia DiPiazza, Dorothy Graves, Hsuan-Ying Liu, Shaunta Morris, Joy Newman, Katie Phillips, and Raymond Pyle.


DCPS Hiring Fairs

The DCPS virtual hiring fairs aim to provide a one-stop shop for candidates to connect with schools around openings for next school while also learning more about other important processes and opportunities, such as joining the WTU.

  • Thursday, April 21 (4-7pm)
  • Wednesday, June 1 (4-7pm)
  • Thursday, July 14 (4-7pm)


WTU Website Walkthroughs

Thursday, May 12th 6PM. Via Zoom. Meeting ID: 810 8576 9556. Passcode: 395523

Tuesday, May 17th 6PM. Via Zoom. Meeting ID: 810 8576 9556; Passcode: 395523

Tuesday, May 19th 6PM. Via Zoom. Meeting ID: 810 8576 9556; Passcode: 395523


Partner events and other upcoming events of interest are also posted to the AMBrew Blog.



Report unsafe conditions at http://bit.ly/WTUSafeOpenings

As part of the MOA, the WTU and DCPS teams will meet weekly to review and find solutions to any violations of the #ReopenStrong: School Building Readiness Checklist. If you see something out of compliance, please report it at http://bit.ly/WTUSafeOpenings. As you click on an area of the form, a drop-down box will appear to allow you to enter comments. Or simply complete the text box at the end of the form. All reports will remain confidential and no identifying information will be provided to DCPS.

WTU Memorandums of Agreement with DCPS.

ICYMI: DC Educator Wellness Center

In partnership with EVERFI, a social impact educational technology company, the WTU is pleased to share with you the DC Educator Wellness Center. The funding for the DC Educator Wellness Center is provided by Johnson & Johnson. In the DC Educator Wellness Center you will find access to a prevention-forward, self-guided, digital microlearning experience designed to provide you with on-demand content related to mental health. The growing list of topics includes Mental Health Basics, Managing Mental Health Challenges, Developing Resilience, Supporting Loved Ones With Mental Health Challenges, and Mindful Living. You can read more here.

We’re continuing to update our database.

Please help us ensure we have your current personal contact information on file. Email [email protected] to provide us with updated information.


Be sure to follow the WTU on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up on the latest from your Union.

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