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Monday, October 31, 2022


Thank you to all who testified last Tuesday on teacher turnover! Now, more than ever we need you to – “Use Your Outside Voices” – to ensure the Council hears our demands!

Although we couldn’t capture everyone’s testimony, we captured more than 30 testimonies which are available WTU’s YouTube channel. I encourage you to watch my testimony where I discuss the results of a poll the WTU conducted on teacher retention where we report that more than 79% of teachers are not satisfied with current workplace conditions and 69% say they are more likely to leave in the next three years.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to SIGN our petition to Mayor Bowser. Please share the petition, ask your family and friends! We plan to deliver this petition BEFORE the November Election and hope to have thousands of signatures. In addition, we hope you’ll call, email and tweet to the Mayor, demanding that she return to the bargaining table. And, of course, we hope you’ll join us at upcoming Contract Events.

Jacqueline Pogue Lyons, President

Washington Teachers' Union


Teachers Deserve a Fair Contract

Thanks to all members who participated in the contract rally at the Anacostia Metro. Your presence and voice at these rallies matter! We hope that you can join us in upcoming contract campaign events.

Contract Campaign action –

  1. Nov 3rdRally 4 pm at DCPS Central Office. 1200 1st Street, NE - https://mobilize.us/s/1aV3Tc
  2. Nov 17th – Day of Action - https://mobilize.us/s/Ht5jWD
  3. Town Hall – TBD

TELL THE MAYOR … Why we need a fair contract now

Sign and share our petition. 

Contact your Building Rep or Field Representative for more information about on-going contract negotiations. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ANY ACTIVITY YOU PARTICIPATE IN TAKES PLACE OUTSIDE YOUR TOUR OF DUTY. DCPS is watching!


An apple can’t pay the rent 

Between Covid and culture war bullshit, America’s teachers are burned out—but DC Public School teachers rallied at the Anacostia Metro stop to change that. DCPS teachers haven’t had a contract for three years, and many feel underpaid and overworked—and some haven’t been receiving their paychecks at all—in the midst of a teacher shortage that’s really not a shortage at all.

While teachers wait on Mayor Bowser’s response, they’ve got a petition residents can sign to help get a fair contract.

WTU in the news


2022 National Association of State Boards of Education, "Policy Leader of the Year Award."

Ms. K.C. Boyd recently received the 2022 Policy Leader of the Year Award from the National Association of State Boards of Education in Phoenix, Arizona.  This award highlights the contributions individuals make to policy changes in U.S. education. Nominated by the DC State Board of Education, Boyd is the first school librarian in the country to receive this award.
Boyd is pictured with members of the DC State Board of Education and Alexander Sullivan, former DCPS student and the first recipient of the Student Board Member Award. Read more here.



Article 23.3 in our CBA states you MUST sign in and out every day. The timesheet is what the timekeeper uses to input the hours you worked.

23.3 Signing In and Out

23.3.1 Teachers shall, immediately upon their arrival, record in the main office of their school the time of their arrival, and shall report to their classroom or place duty at least thirty-five (35) minutes prior to the start of the official school day for students.

23.3.2 Teachers shall record in the main office of their School the time of their departure at the end of the school day.

23.3.3 Itinerant Teachers shall record the time of their arrival and departure in the main office of each of their assigned Schools.

23.3.4 Teachers shall not be required to use time clocks.


Early voting has started. Please support for the WTU endorsed candidates.

City Council:

  • At-Large: Elissa Silverman
  • At-Large: Karim Marshall
  • Ward 1: Brianne Nadeau
  • Ward 3: Matthew Frumin
  • Ward 5: Zachary Parker
  • Ward 6: Charles Allen

DC State Board of Education: 

  • Ward 1: Ben Williams  
  • Ward 3: Michael Sriqui 
  • Ward 5: Robert Henderson 
  • Ward 6: Joshua Wiley  

Read more here. And watch for opportunities to help Get Out The Vote for WTU endorsed candidates!


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Professional Development

Register Now -- Fall 2022 Professional Learning from the WTU



Upcoming events

In addition to the events listed below, we encourage you to check out the WTU Members –Only Calendar where you can find a condensed list of upcoming WTU events.


Nov 7 Professional Development Day

Professional Development on November 7 is virtual. Contact your Field Representative if there is any discrepancy at your school.

November WTU Representative Assembly

The November Rep Assembly meeting will be on Tuesday, November 15th at 4:30. DCPS is closed on November 8th.



Please wear red each Friday and post photos to social media. Please tag us @WTUTeacher


AFT Student Debt clinics

Deadline to apply for student loan forgiveness is today, October 31st

AFT will continue to host a student debt clinic webinar Thursday evenings. Register at https://cvent.me/17XZka Webinar will include information about how to enroll in the free AFT Summer student loan member benefit. Additional information can be found at www.forgivemystudentdebt.org – this website contains all of the information on how to access PSLF in an easily digestible and understandable format.


After attending a Student Debt Clinic, we want to make sure you’ve got all the tools and information you need to take the next steps to start reducing how much you pay every month and get on a path towards a debt-free future! See attached for more information.



WTU Executive Board members

Your WTU Executive Board members are working tirelessly on your behalf and need to hear any concerns you have. Executive Board members’ photos and contact information is available here.


Are you a WTU Member?

Check your pay stub on Peoplesoft to see if you are a member of the WTU.

Member benefits include access to 1000s of lesson plans at Share My Lesson


Facility Concerns SY 22-23

Over the past two years, the WTU has met regularly to discuss facility issues with DCPS. Yet, many schools continue to have health and safety concerns. We ask that you let the WTU know of any health or safety concerns in your building by completing this brief form.


We’re continuing to update our database.

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