Local School Elections Packet for SY 2023-24

Local School Elections Packet for SY 2023-24

Date:       May 1, 2023

To:           WTU Building Representatives / Designees

CC:          Jacqueline Pogue Lyons, President

From:       Regina Bell, General Vice President


Enclosed are the necessary forms to assist you in conducting your local school elections during the month of May. We are requesting that all Building Representatives adhere to the timeframes set forth in our WTU Constitution and By-Laws to ensure your elections are completed.

The time, date, and place of the election shall be decided by your School Chapter Advisory Committee (SCAC). Elections shall be held by secret ballot in person and there shall be no absentee balloting. All members in good standing shall have a reasonable opportunity to vote.

Please download the full election packet by clicking here.

Results are due to the WTU Office no later than June 2, 2023.


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