News Channel 4 - Teen Boy Shot and Killed in Northwest DC

News Channel 4 reported on the death of a teenage high school student shot by another student outside Dunbar High School today. Watch the full story here.

In a changing Mount Pleasant, Bancroft Elementary loses federal grant

Washington DC - Washington Post reports on gentrification affecting school's ability to retain Title I funding. "The shift comes after D.C. Public Schools changed the way it assesses Title I eligibility, but also reflects a transformation years in the making, which is familiar now to many longtime D.C. residents and natives — the neighborhood that surrounds Bancroft has become increasingly attractive to wealthier crowds in search of coveted row homes and lush public parks, pricing out lower-income families and reshaping local schools." Read more here.

DC Public School Officials Address Teacher Shortage at Top of new school year

Washington, DC - DC activists raise concerns that DCPS isn't doing enough to raise DCPS teacher retention rates.

“Two years ago an American University study found the DCPS teacher evaluation system to be racially biased, yet two years later it remains virtually unchanged,” Goldstein told the AFRO. “From an evaluation system that creates fear instead of growth to an excessive amount of standardized testing and far too little teacher professional authority, we still aren’t doing what we need to do to retain educators.” - Scott Goldstein, founder and executive director of EmpowerEd, an organization that seeks to create an equitable education system in D.C.

Read Full Article here

From HVAC to pests, D.C. schools are still waiting on crucial repairs: The Department of General Services, which is responsible for maintaining school buildings, said crews are working “as hard as possible”

The Washington Post interviewed teachers and DCPS regarding crucial repairs raising safety issues and disrupting the teaching and learning process. To read the full story, click here.

DC Teachers Union Threaten a Strike

WTU President Pogue Lyons spoke with Channel 9 News reporters re: DCPS' failure to return to the bargaining table. She was asked if the WTU intended to strike. Click the image or here to learn more.

As Schools Reopen, Safety Dominates Conversation

The Washington Informer interviewed WTU's President Pogue Lyons on the soon-to-expire WTU contract, 17 school safety recommendations submitted to DCPS, and the WTU survey of 750 teachers on school violence. 

She told The Informer that DCPS' lack of response to the 17 safety recommendations underscored their lack of urgency about key issues affecting teachers.

She emphasized the importance of carefully reading the survey results which showed that 45% of teachers have considered leaving the profession. For her, solidifying the 2023-2027 contract has become "a matter of retaining a solid educator workforce in underserved communities." Read the full story here.

In some schools, dread over the new year: ‘We’re scared to teach’

Educators report being threatened and attacked by students and, in some cases, their parents. Elsewhere, they worry about censorship.

The Washington Post's Education Reporter Lauren Lumpkin interviewed a number of WTU teachers and WTU president Jacqueline Pogue Lyons before writing this article.

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